Welcome to the marijuana strains website. The best marijuana strains are grown from the best marijuana breeders. You the consumer have the option to own it. Our team of medical marijuana enthusiasts have simplified the enormous selection of marijuana strains throughout the world. Types of marijuana strains are placed into categories. Medical marijuana strains produce the widest variety of different CBD strains. Powerful marijuana potency steadily increases with today’s technology.

Showing the love with some marijuana strains of the haze variety.
Haze love marijuana strains.

Marijuana growers review domain is a cannabis blog. Written by by mature adults from the legal growing medical marijuana community. Marijuana strains change everyday. It’s hard for breeders to keep up on the constant change, we can help. Recreational marijuana is legal therefor increasing the growth in the number of marijuana strains. This growth is an exponential phenomena. Our unique team of geneticists loves to do the cannabis exploration.

Check out the cool names of marijuana while you shop. Discover all the different types of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. You’ll know what kinds of marijuana plants are available. Shop online at any internet weed store or medical marijuana dispensary website. Our domain brings to the online consumer the easiest ordering methods. Shipping and delivery is always very stealth. It’s hard to notice what the package is really about, giving delivery completion a high percentage rate of acceptance.

Marijuana Strains Reviews

We’re not claiming to be top of the line professional growers. We are just like most old time growers. We’ve been growing pot since the 1970’s. One thing we’ve learned over the decades is growing conditions vary immensely from grower to grower. Another thing we have learned about today’s growing environments is technological advancements. Technology is steadily changing the face of growing marijuana.

Prices of Marijuana Strains

As of 2017 cannabis industry prices of marijuana strains can fluctuate daily from $5 to $20 per dry gram. An average dry ounce will cost $150 to $225. Because of the concentrated percentage of THC in marijuana extracts they hover in price around $30 to $70 per gram. Marijuana seeds can fluctuate in worth from $1 to $10 per seed. The best competitive weed types with the best prices always include added bonus features of purchasing incentives. A protective way to order is small amounts of your favorite marijuana strains. This time in life has never been easier for you to obtain the best types of weed.