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California Marijuana Strains

California Dream Weed

California Dream Weed

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 This strain has feminized genetics because females are all you want. 70% indica sporting a large growth pattern. Roots are from the great state of California.

California Skunk Marijuana

California skunk marijuana strain

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 It lives up to it's name, it stinks. A lovely hash flavor. Big Yields. Easy to grow. Loves the indoor grow scene.

Dutch Dope Marijuana

Dutch marijuana strain

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 A cross of California dream weed meeting Dutch super skunk. This strain has been 10 years in the making. Excellent yield. Big buds. Easy to grow.

Marijuana in California

California marijuana strains are famous and potent. California has thousands of medical marijuana dispensaries leading to a great selection of marijuana in every city. Here are a few of the most famous strains of California marijuana being grown today. For quick direction to specific California marijuana strains please visit one of the following top California marijuana strains. Legislative initiatives are being introduced to legalize marijuana in California in the year 2015. Countless marijuana dispensaries are making millions of dollars. Many strains of marijuana are now originating in California. So many cannabis events to attend will introduce you to the best California has to offer.


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