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Early Harvest Marijuana Strains

Early Misty Marijuana

early misty marijuana

early misty marijuana

Early Misty derives from a White Widow marijuana strain to produce an early maturing plant. This makes Early Misty an excellent outdoor strain and also a fast indoor grower. There is mainly indica genetics inside. The size of the plant is generally a medium tight bush. Being an indica the buzz goes right to the body and then hits the mind. There is a hash like flavor and odor. Great for any balcony.

First Girl Marijuana

first girl marijuana

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This strain gives you an indica dominant weed. Easy to grow, flowers in about 8 weeks. Very hardy and disease resistant to make for an excellent outdoor option you can plant early in the grow season. Get it outside right away.

Easy Rider Marijuana

easy rider marijuana

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Sports a 70% indica ratio to 30% sativa. Grows big and flowers fast. Easy to grow indoors, outdoors and in a greenhouse. Fat tops, purple hues and sweet to the taste buds.

Harvesting Marijuana

Early marijuana strains that refer to how fast they grow in the vegetative and flowering states. You can plant very early in the season. If you are harvesting your garden twice a year it can now be more then 4 times a year you can be harvesting marijuana. An early harvest can be determined by the color of the pistils but a microscope can show you exactly when to harvest your marijuana. Magnification shows you when the tops of the trichromes have formed, that is when the plant is ready to harvest.

Early harvesting strains of marijuana are becoming the popular choice of growers. Indoor growers love a plant that can yield large harvests in a short growth period. Time is of the essence. Early fan leaves get big quickly. Early outdoor harvesting means not waiting for possible frost or cold weather to ruin your crop. You can buy the following strains you like.


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