Early Harvest Marijuana

Early harvest marijuana strains that refer to how fast a plant will grow in the vegetative and flowering states. Early harvest marijuana will flower/mature in a shorter time than most any other strain of marijuana. You can plant very early in the outdoor cannabis season. You won’t have to worry about harvesting marijuana too late in a season. An excellent feature to beat the outdoor competition.

When to early harvest marijuana

If you are harvesting your indoor or greenhouse garden twice a year it can now be more then 4 times a year. You can be harvesting marijuana until your heart is content. An early harvest can be determined by the color of the pistils but a microscope can show you exactly when to harvest your marijuana. Magnification shows you when the tops of the trichromes have formed into spheres. The wax outer membranes will start to turn color when mature. That is when the plant is ready to harvest.

Early harvesting strains of marijuana are becoming the popular choice of growers. Indoor growers love a plant that can yield large harvests in a short growth period. Time is of the essence. Early fan leaves get big quickly. Early outdoor harvesting means not waiting for possible frost or cold weather to ruin your crop. You can buy strains you like in the thousands. Come back often for updated versions of early marijuana.