Haze Marijuana strains difference photograph.

Haze marijuana is a sativa dominant plant. Usually has long flowering times producing huge buds. Originally bred in the 1970’s thought to be somewhere in California by the Haze brothers. Origins can be traced to India, Thailand, Mexico and Columbia. The Dutch have now put their own stamp on this strain. Usually a tall long flowering plant. The original strain is hard to find. Tons of Haze cross bred marijuana now exists. Haze is a multiple winner of Cannabis Cup marijuana events as far back as the 1980’s. Haze marijuana is unique for medical purposes. Haze can be bred with so many different strains to produce the medical qualities needed for specific ailments.

Types of Haze Marijuana

Amnesia Haze from 2004 is one of the most popular kinds of haze marijuana. Amnesia Haze won the overall Cannabis Cup in 2004 and has ruled ever since. The following year in 2005 Arjan’s Haze won the Cannabis Cup. Arjan’s Haze crossed a few different strains of haze to get these famous strains. Today’s types of haze tend to have fruit overtones for smell and taste. Miami haze has a bright orange thing going. Back in the day haze was silver, red, purple and blue. Come back often for haze updates to our blog. We’ll bring you the new haze marijuana strains of today.