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Haze Marijuana

haze marijuana strain

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Haze is a fine sativa dominant plant, moderate to difficult to grow in all conditions. Can take extra flowering time and grows large buds. You're talking a huge yield.

Light of Jah Marijuana

light of jah marijuana strain

buy light of jah marijuana strain

Light of Jah is a 75% sativa plant that is moderate to grow. Of the Haze family of weed genetics. Loves all climates, very hardy. Takes a little longer to flower but the end result is huge powerful buds. Named after the father of weed, Jack Herer. Winner of multiple Cannabis Cup events.

What is Haze Marijuana

Haze marijuana is a sativa dominant plant. Usually has long flowering times producing huge buds. Originally bred in the 1970's thought to be somewhere in California. Origins can be traced to India, Thailand, Mexico and Columbia. The Dutch have now put their own stamp on this strain.


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