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Skunk Marijuana

skunk marijuana

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 An indica dominant plant. Bred to be fast and have that super stinky skunk feel. It'll make your hands stink for hours. Growers love the production and speed of this plant. The high is uplifting to the mind. Winner of the High Times Harvest Festival.

Super Skunk Marijuana

super skunk marijuna

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Super Skunk was bred to be early flowering with a big crop. Skunk #1 marijuana is a combination of indica and sativa genetics. The high goes right to the head. Of course there is the characteristic red hair trait and the enormous stink. Great to vaporize to keep the smell down and the buzz high.

Thai Skunk Marijuana

thai skunk marijuana

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Thai skunk marijuana is a potent strain that is easy to grow and flowers in about 8 weeks. Thai weed crossed with Skunk genetics. Exceptional high, Thai taste, great scent. Over ten years of breeding to produce this fine strain.

Hawaii Skunk Marijuana

Hawaii skunk marijuana

A great strain of skunk derived from original Hawaiian genetics. Dense buds with wonderful red hairs. Easy to grow, fast to flower. Great for the growing connoisseur.

What is skunk marijuana?

Skunk marijuana is well known for it's pungent odor, hence the name. Always great sativa yields. Skunk strains are well known for THC content and very low CBD content. Time to get high when you partake. Used to cross breed with other types of marijuana to produce world famous kyndes. Always sweet.


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