Skunk Marijuana

Skunk marijuana is well known for it’s pungent odor, hence the name. First started as an indica dominate marijuana strain. Today skunk is seen as a good combination of indica and sativa. Our research shows this strain has a great old history dating back 30 years. Skunk is considered to be one of the first hybrid results achieved in the marijuana industry. One good phenotype for skunk is always great yields. Skunk strains are well known for THC content and very low CBD content. Time to get high when you partake. Used to cross breed with other types of marijuana to produce world famous kyndes. Always sweet and stinky. Breeders have tried to eliminate the pungent smell but it’s the smell that makes it skunk weed.

Types of Skunk Marijuana

It’s hard to fake the sweet unique smell of skunk marijuana. The most famous of the skunk marijuana breeders is Jack Herer who created his own strain (Jack Herer) utilizing skunk. His strain has perhaps won the most Cannabis Cup marijuana events.

Super skunk marijuana strain was created by Sensi Seeds crossing a skunk with some afghan indica weed. They also posses skunk #1 thought to be an original skunk strain from way back.