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White Widow Marijuana

white widow marijuana

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 White Widow strain is thought to be the most potent marijuana in the world. White Widow weed has captured more Cannabis Cup victories than any other strain of marijuana on the planet. A combination of sativa and indica leads to the finest combination of mind and body effects possible. Great for medical marijuana applications. Flowers take about 8 weeks to mature. The taste and smell are outstanding. You've got tot try some if you haven't already. The high is uplifting and energetic to most people. White Widow marijuana strain has a grow difficulty of moderate, any grower can breed this weed. Comes in regular and feminized varieties.

White Queen Marijuana

white queen marijuana

buy white queen marijuana

White Queen marijuana reaches astronomical levels of THC up to and over 25%. Indica ratio is 65% to 35% sativa genetics. Easy to moderate to grow with an 8 to 9 week flowering period producing nice big buds. Looks like diamonds all over the flower tops. Pungent and smooth to the taste. Great for medical purposes.

What is white widow weed?

White widow marijuana gets it's name from the massive coverage of white THC crystal that form during the flowering period. Reputed to have been created in the Netherlands as an sativa pure bred. Introduced to indica phenotypes for very nice hybrid varities. Renowned for it's super good taste and pungent aroma. Relatively easy to grow. Loves the outdoors. Winner of more Cannabis Cups and marijuana events than any other strain of marijuana. The medical community applauds this strain. Pretty well every medical marijuana dispensary carries white widow or some hybrid strain.


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